A Rewarding Opportunity to Serve Your Community

When a disaster such as a fire, accident, or medical emergency strikes you know you can count on us to be there at your time of need. You are provided that security because of the men and women of our community have made the commitment to protect you, your loved ones, and your property.

The men and women of our Department come from various backgrounds from high school students to business owners and have formed a family with a commitment to put others before themselves. We would love to welcome you into our family.

We are a volunteer only fire and rescue department. Our success and your safety are dependent upon the willingness of members of our community to join our efforts by the giving of their time. We provide many opportunities for you to serve. Serving in the Department doesn’t require you to run into burning buildings or responding to medical emergencies.

While the 1st Monday of every month is dedicated to the monthly Business Meeting starting at 7:00 pm, all other Mondays are weekly training sessions and rotated between both sites. While there are members around both stations intermittently throughout the week that you are invited to stop by and speak to, there are always staff available on Mondays to answer any questions or to provide you a tour.

Active duty members serve by responding to fire incidents, accidents, or medical emergencies. These members can also serve as fire police. No experience or training is required. We will provide opportunities for training through our department both locally and regionally. Membership requirements include a background check and member application and approval.

We offer a junior firefighter mentoring program. This program is for anyone between the ages of 14-17. Junior firefighters have access to the same training as our active duty members, when applicable. Membership requirement includes a member application and approval. Junior members are not required to have a background check.

Contributory members provide vital services to our Department. These individuals perform duties that allow the active members to focus on their training and preparation for emergency service duties. These duties can include lawn maintenance, building maintenance, cleaning, fundraising activities, IT/computer services, office work, etc. Contributory membership requirements include a background check and membership application and approval.

We would welcome your talents and time in helping us serve our community.  You can print the application and drop it off at either of our station houses in Cresson or Lilly, or you can visit us to obtain an application.  If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ below.  You can also stop by or call us at either station.

Yes, you may be required to submit a physical after your application has been approved.

There are no training requirements to join. You will be provided opportunities to train during weekly training sessions. In addition, there will be opportunities for further training within the region when it is available. Training will be paid by the Department.

You are required to have a minimum of 2 weeks of training at our Department and Department Chief approval prior to responding to any emergency call. Upon satisfactory completion you will be provided with your own turnout gear.

This is not required to be an active duty member. However, it will be offered when the class is available.

Yes. These classes are offered on a bi-annual basis.

Yes. We have many EMT active duty members. You are responsible for you own training and costs.

Complete the application provided and mail to the Department or drop it off at either fire station. All applications will be presented to the membership and voted on. You will receive a letter of acceptance or denial.

No. However, you will be required to provide references on the application.

Yes.  Membership fee is $1.00

You can participate as soon as your application is approved by the membership.