The Keystone Regional Fire & Rescue Dept. needs your help!

The Keystone Regional Fire & Rescue Department is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that depends upon the generosity of our communities, grants, and donations to support our operating budget. We use this money to purchase and maintain equipment, tools, gear, and apparatus. Part of our budget each year also goes towards training that helps us respond to calls quickly, efficiently, and safely.

There are many opportunities available for you to support our fire department. Your donations are tax deductible and will go towards providing vital emergency services to your community.


  • Wednesday Night Bingo
    Come out for an exciting evening of playing BINGO with family and friends. Be the first to holler “BINGO” and win big!!!  Proceeds from this event go directly towards supporting our operating cost, equipment, and tools.
  •  Golf-A-Rama
    This event is held yearly in March.  Break the winter blues as you score a hole-in-one as you enjoy a delicious full course meal, deserts and drinks. Win golf clubs and related golfing items and other great prizes with family and friends.
  •  Gun-O-Rama
    This event is held twice a year at the Cresson station.  Enjoy a hearty full course meal, deserts and drinks with family and friends while winning guns, sporting goods and other valuable prizes.
  • Gun Fest
    This event is held annually at the Lilly Station Pavilion. This is an outdoor event you can enjoy with family and friends. Win guns and sporting goods while you enjoy a hearty full course meal, deserts and drinks.
  •  Carnival
    This event is held annually in July (Lilly) and August (Cresson). Support your firefighters while enjoying an evening of fun, exciting games, great live band music, delicious food and thrilling amusement rides! The carnival is a family friendly event and a great place to visit and meet your neighbors and friends!
  •  5k-Run
    This event is held in June. Challenge yourself and other to be the healthier while having heart-beating fun by participating in the 5-K run(3.107 mi).
  • Pig Tickets
    Tickets are sold October to December. Take a chance to win a whole 4-H winning pig, butchered, wrapped and frozen for you to enjoy. Yummy!!!
  •  Hoagie-Stromboli Sale
    Take a bite of a mouthwatering foot-long hoagie in the flavor of your choice and/or try the best and tastiest Stromboli you ever eaten!  Sales take place in August.

Our annual fundraising drive is held in the fall each year. Mailings go to each home and business within our communities. Every donation, regardless of the amount, is appreciated and goes towards vital purchases and operating expenses.


You can make a direct tax deductible donation of any amount, at any time. You can mail your donation or donate online through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation, you can select the option to donate with a credit/debit card.

* To donate by check, please see our mailing address HERE


You can provide support through the donation of your time at either of our station houses in Cresson or Lilly or at our events. Providing assistance through volunteering is just as valuable to us as a monetary donation. As a contributory member you can provide assistance through tasks such as lawn care, cleaning, maintenance, and helping at any of our events.

To illustrate the importance of your donation, we have provided a short list of equipment and gear that are utilized when we are called to an incident:

Breathing Apparatus w/Facepiece & Spare Cylinder $6,500
Hydraulic Rescue Tool “Jaws of Life” $11,000
Portable Radio $4,700
Firefighting Coat $1,300
Firefighting Pants $900
Department Pager $400
Firefighting Boots $400
Firefighting Helmet $300
Fire Axe $200
Flashlight $150
Firefighting Gloves $100
Firefighting Hood $50

Laws and regulations require many of these items to be replaced frequently to maintain safety standards.